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My Application for Moderator (I'd love to be one)

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My Application for Moderator (I'd love to be one) Empty My Application for Moderator (I'd love to be one)

Post  N00BL337 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:32 am

G'day or G'night from Australia! (for now)
Nah just joking I'm still here in China ;_;

But here is my (low expectations here) Moderator application:
How old are you? Ans: I am 12 this year Very Happy
Why should you be the next moderator? Ans: I want to do the best for everything on this amazing server. I swear by my heart that I love this server and am on it most of the time.
How long are u online a day? Ans: Like umm.... 3-4 maybe?
What things have u done for the server already? Ans: Helped out with the guests, helped them (guests) to understand the rules, I have kept and admired the (mighty) rules, It's hard to say but I do a LOT of stuff (I guess a lot of people can say that) for this server.
anything else u want to say? Ans: I want to (strongly) say that I believe in fair votes, so if I don't get this well desired rank, I respect what you say for yourself, and will try again anyway Smile

May the best of the best win!


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