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Rattlecage1's Moderator Application!

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Rattlecage1's Moderator Application! Empty Rattlecage1's Moderator Application!

Post  Rattlecage1 on Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:36 am

How old are you?Iam 14 Years Old
Why should you be the next moderator?Because I'm Loyal Member What Always Help In Trouble,Helping New Quests ANd Always Reporting Grief Or Members Who Hack ,I Helped Owners with some plugins
How long are u online a day?Well,If i have nothing to study (Wednesday And Friday ) Then Im On Server All THe Time but if i need to study iam probadly on server for 3-4 Hours
What things have u done for the server already?Well I Helped Many Many Quests,Reported Some People FOr Hacking And Adveresting And I hepled freek To FIx The Spawn
anything else u want to say?
If I get Mod I will not dissapoin you, i will be much more acitve on server and Forums,i will help much more people like i always do , I Have expirance as mod because iam mod/admin on many other servers and i want to help this server to get on top!!



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Rattlecage1's Moderator Application! Empty Re: Rattlecage1's Moderator Application!

Post  Freek on Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:49 am

you are accepted in the modvote!

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