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XxCol application for MultiKraft server

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XxCol application for MultiKraft server Empty XxCol application for MultiKraft server

Post  XxCol on Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:57 am

Hey my name is Jordan Sanguinetti i'm 14 yrs of age 15 in couple of days

Well i want to apply for server mod because i Help many members,i help guest, i make friends and introduce people when the logg on to the server i also help out old members if the dont really understand something or they just need physical or verbal help.  If i would to be mod of the server i would make more effort than i do now to to help the server and keep it running. MultiKraft is a server  that is growing day by day it is getting more popular i will take the time out to even make more members, IM not really in a competition to get mod or to abuse the powers or to get creative (That's what most people want mod for)
As i said i will not abuse the powers of this moderator status and i will DO my best not TRY my best to make this server better.Without MultiKraft to me it would not even make sense to play Minecraft because this is my main server that i reguarly play on i dont even see no other server like MultiKraft. And next thing during the week i play 3-4 hours and weekends i play more than 5 hours. Thank You

And Good Look to everyone else applying for server moderator


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